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Sitting Exercises

When a person is standing and moving about frequently, the human body performs optimally. Only then do the heart and respiratory systems work properly, bowel movements are consistent, and muscles and bones remain strong, it means that general physical activity is critical for good health. However, it is vital to understand that exercise is insufficient on its own. Going to the gym three times a week does not suggest that a person can spend as much time as he or she likes at their desk. Long periods of sitting were not designed for humans.

Long periods of sitting may be detrimental to your health to the point where researchers are considering classifying prolonged sitting as an illness, albeit one that is extremely preventable.

Here are few Sitting Exercises to keep your body stable during long periods of sitting

· Back stretches - Lower back pain is a regular occurrence as a result of prolonged sitting, and back exercises do not necessitate a lot of physical space. There are numerous exercises available; one can select the one that best meets their needs. It's crucial to prevent clenching your muscles in your back. Back stretching can be as simple as trying to touch your toes while standing.

· Push Ups - Push-ups are a great way to get your entire body moving. They're great for the chest, biceps, triceps, back muscles, neck, and belly, and they can even work the legs. However, you may need to make some adjustments at the office. You don't have to do them on the floor or on a level surface; instead, use your chair or desk to do them in an inclined position. Push-ups on an incline are significantly easier to do.

· Squats - Another great exercise that is also physically tough. It does not necessitate the use of weights. Squats can be done more frequently in the office or at your desk, or the number of reps can be increased to have the same effect as in the gym. Over time, they will assist you in developing stronger glutes and thighs.

· Shoulder stretching - it's critical to look after your shoulders. Simple exercises can aid in the prevention of aching shoulders. Holding hands behind the back and pulling them downwards is an easy way to conduct this exercise. A similar activity can be done with the hand raised above the head.

· Stand up frequently - It's one of the most basic activities you can undertake without drawing undue attention to yourself. Many of the negative consequences of extended sitting can be mitigated simply by standing for a few minutes per hour.

· Neck stretches - One of the most serious problems is shoulder and neck stiffness. Many people experience migraine-like headaches as a result of them. Neck stretching is a simple treatment to this problem. Neck exercises include rotating the neck, bringing the chin as near to the chest as possible, and bending the neck backward and sideways. To avoid pain, try these basic exercises multiple times a day.

· Triceps dips - Triceps dips are another short office exercise; however, triceps dips should be done in a chair. It will give your arms more bulk. It can also be used on the chest and shoulders. It will lessen the likelihood of neck discomfort. It's strenuous enough to strengthen your heart as well.

· Calf raises - When you sit for lengthy periods of time, blood accumulates in your legs, increasing your chance of developing a variety of ailments. One of the most crucial workouts to do is calf lifts. It constricts the blood arteries in the legs, allowing blood to flow more freely back to the heart. It's a basic workout in which you stand behind the chair, balance yourself, elevate one leg over the ground, and raise yourself on one leg's toes, then lower yourself. It should be repeated multiple times. It also makes the lower limbs look better.

· Squeezing the glutes - Another simple workout that can be done anywhere involves tightening and holding your glutes for a few seconds. You can do it again and again.

· Lunges - Lunges not only strengthen legs but also enhance core stability and balance, promote spinal health, and increase activity.

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