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Yoga on Beach

Yoga – Natural Immunity Booster :

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Yoga originated in ancient India and is one of the schools of Hindu philosophy tradition. From Pre- Vedic Yoga is practiced by people. Anyone can do yoga. Yoga helps in strengthening the body, there are some asana in which you need to move more that makes your body flexible and there are some asana which calm your body. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means union, as in yoga a person do physical exercise, a meditation that strengthens the mental balance, and breathing exercise which helps in relieving stress and also helps in muscle strengthening. By practicing yoga a lot of health benefits can be achieved such as yoga improves the sleeping cycle and lower the blood pressure of a person also yoga help in strengthening muscles and bones, improves the metabolism and energy of the body.


Yoga Poses for Beginners: Anybody And Everybody can do these poses.



Benefits: Relax the mind and helps in improving digestion and posture.


How to do this pose?

Sit with your legs stretched out, bend the right knee and place it on the right thigh. Repeat the same step with the other leg make sure that the soles of the feet point upwards the heels are closer to the abdomen, place your hands on your knees  close your eyes, and relax                                      



Benefits: Strengths the body, improve circulation, and remove fat from the body.


How to do this pose? 

Come onto the floor on your hands and knees while raising the head and The spine so that the back becomes concave exhale while lowering the head stretching the spine and pulling the buttocks the hands should be in line with the knees, the arms and thighs should be perpendicular to the floor the knees may be slightly separated so that they are well aligned under the hips.



Benefits: Strengths spine and improve neuromuscular coordination and balance and helps in reducing flat feet.


How to do this pose?

Stand straight, fold your left leg and please the sole of your feet on inner thigh And raise your arms up bring your palms together hold the position for 10 seconds now repeat the same with the other side.                                                                     



​Benefits: Helps in overcoming the discomfort of the menstrual cycle.


How to do this pose? 

Sit in Vajarasana. Stand on your knees with hands close to your thighs stretch your arms up lean backward and slowly reaching the heels with your hands push the hips forward and bend the spine as far as possible and remain in this final position for as long as it’s a comfortable return to the starting position by slowly releasing the hands from the hips one at a time, it’s important that this asana is followed by a forward bending asana like shashankasana.



Benefits: Helps in curing disease increase appetite and calms the mind


How to do this pose?

Sit with the legs outstretched slowly bend forward and try to grasp your big toe with your fingers try to touch your knees with the forehead hold the position for as long as it's comfortable.                     

     Ardha Matsyendrasana


Benefits: Helps in relieving stress and increase the supply of oxygen in the body, it also cures urinary tract infections.

How to do this pose?

Sit with the legs stretched out bend the left leg place your foot close to your hip bend the right leg and bring the foot behind the left knee inhaling place your left arm over the right knee rotate your torso placing our hand next to the left look over to your right shoulder hold the posture for a few seconds reverse the movement to come out of the poster and repeat on the other side.



Benefits: Relieves asthma reduces stress and regulates metabolism.


How to do this pose?

Lie on your stomach, bumps to the side off your shoulder slowly raise your head and straight in the elbows the arms may or may not straight hold the position for a few seconds slowly raise the upper back by bringing the arms lower the navel, chest, shoulders and finally the forehead to the floor.



Benefits: This pose is a great stress Buster and stimulates the reproductive organs.

How to do this pose?

Lie flat on your stomach bend your legs and hold both the ankles with your hands inhale while raising your thighs and chest simultaneously arcing your spine as much as possible hold the position for as long as it’s comfortable exhaling return to the same position.



Benefits: Tones the arm muscles and helps you in focusing better.

How to do this pose?

Support yourself on your elbows and raise your legs up to 45 degrees stretch your arms out towards your knees hold the position for few seconds and lower your legs, hands and head.




Benefits: Calms the brain, cure mild depression improved, and helps in curing asthma and infertility.

How to do this pose?

Lie on your back with feet together using your arms for support inhale raise both legs slowly roll the buttocks and lying on the floor raising the trunk to a vertical position the elbows should be about shoulders width apart gently push the chest forward so that it presses firmly against the chin release your hands and place your arms on the floor beside the body with the palm’s down slowly lowered the torso the buttocks and the legs. Relax in Shavasana.​



Benefits: Normalize the blood sugar level and relieve the symptoms of menopause helps in weight loss.

How to do this pose?

Lie on your back with feet together place your arms beside your body with your palms facing down using your arms for support inhale and raise both legs keeping them straight and together slip your legs in an arc over your head till your toes touch the floor relax and hold the final pose for as long as it's comfortable now lower your legs and go back to the starting position.


Benefits: Release respiratory problems and release tension in the shoulder and neck.

How to do this pose?

Lie on your back with feet together and hands underneath your hips. Inhaling. chest up and rest your Crown on the ground.



Benefits: Helps in releasing the tension in the lower back and helps in burning the fat in the thighs and abdominal area.

How to do this pose?

Lie on your back with your legs straight, fold your legs and bring your knees close to your chest wrap your arms around your legs and draw them as close as possible bend your neck and try to touch your knees to your forehead maintain the posture for a few seconds bring your head down and release arms from the knees straighten your legs and return to the starting position.


Benefits: Reduce blood pressure and anxiety, improves concentration and calms the mind.

How to do this pose?
Lie on your back with arms away from the body  facing upwards feet should be slightly itself apart, head and spine should be in straight line relax the whole body and be aware of the breath.
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