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Importance of sleep cycle

Good food and lifestyle are essential to stay healthy. Equally important is your sleep because lack of sleep has a bad effect on your mental health, due to which gradually your physical health also starts deteriorating. The effect of lack of sleep is so useless that many parts of your body are unable to work properly due to it. Therefore a good sleep is very important. There are several stages of good sleep. But have you ever wondered what your body does when you are sleeping?

Sleep cycle provide the way so that we can sleep in better ways that are :

During sleep you always undergo five stages of sleep. The first and second stages are called light sleep stages. At the same time, the third and fourth stages are called deep sleep. The fifth stage is called REM sleep. It is in this state that we have dreams.

Importance of sleep cycle :-

Sleep cycle provide deep sleep, which increases glucose metabolism in the brain , which helps to increase memory and learn new skills for a short time and for a long time.

It also promotes growth and repair of tissues and bones.

There is no such special need for sleep cycle, but young people have many benefits from deep sleep because, deep sleep promotes the development of various systems of our body.

According to Doctor recommendation what should people do:

  • One should wake up and sleep at the right time.

  • You should go to sleep only when you feel sleepy.

  • Do not use the light in the sleeping room and sleep in the dark.

  • Do not use mobile or laptop before sleeping.

  • Keep the sleeping room clean and do not keep too much stuff in that room.

  • Insomnia can be avoided with the help of a psychologist.

  • Always eat food two hours before sleeping.

  • People have to take medicines for sleeping, so take medicines carefully.


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