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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

My meditation journey started when I was bored during this pandemic. Due to this corona virus outbreak, people are facing many problems which majorly involves mental health issues. To maintain a healthy lifestyle we have to work on both physical and mental health. I used to workout or do yoga to maintain my physical health and I take a balanced diet throughout my day. But when it comes to maintaining mental health I wasn't doing anything at all so that's why I chose to meditate daily.

My Routine:

I wake up around 4 to 6 am in the morning to meditate. I start with calming the body by doing few breathing exercises(pranayama) like anulom-vilom pranayama, ujjayi pranayama and bhramari pranayama. After that with the help of meditation apps like calm, headspace, aura or insight timer I will continue to meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes. I end my meditation by chanting deep "Om" for about 2 to 4 minutes. I also do 5 to 10 minutes of meditation before bed time which helps me to get a good sleep and to have a smooth sleeping pattern.

Ambience That Helped My Meditation Practice:

During my meditation practice I used to light 1 or 2 incense sticks which sets a pleasant ambience around me. Sometimes I will light a candle to practice candle meditation. I usually sit on a yoga mat and put on some pleasant meditation music while meditating. The sounds of nature like chirping of birds, raining clouds, peaceful river, silent moonlight, etc.,. are my favourite musics.

"In all the music that deals with experimental repetition, drum and bass, dub, various kinds of house music, there's always been a quality of atmosphere and ambience." –Bill Laswell

Changes and Sanity Improvement After Doing Meditation:

I have noticed that after starting everyday with meditation, the feeling throughout the day is amazing, also I feel energized. You necessarily don't have to take mood checks often if you meditate everyday. The feeling of emptiness turns into peacefulness. I felt like gaining a new perspective on stressful situations. Meditation makes you to be self-aware, creative and tolerant. You will have a positive outlook on the things rather than iterated by the negative thoughts. Building a proper meditation routine and sticking to that helps you to manage your stress.

Our mind is capable of playing scenarios over and over in a loop to see how we could have done things differently to have a better outcome. Your past self did the best he/she could. This is the best outcome. You did your best. What's the point of living in the past? Look what you have to learnt from that. Look for, how you can elevate your experiences and provide the best for yourself and people around you. The ultimate goal is to become the best version of yourself everyday and not to worry about the past. Look ahead, move on knowing that you did your best.

Your moment is 'NOW'!

Be now. Live now. Act now.

Love and peace,


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