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Mitsuya Cider

Mitsuya Cider

The Asahi drink “Mitsuya Cider” is a clear, nationally clear carbonated drink that is clean, cool and clear. In 1881, a British chemist named William Gauland began to produce carbonated water and began selling it as “Hiranosui” in 1884 when he recognized the plain as a “ideal spa” as a drink. is. The secret of deliciousness is created by water that has been filtered and polished, fragrances born from fruits, etc., and a manufacturing method that does not add heat. Refresh with the freshness of Mitsuya Cider! Product of Japan.

Asahi drink Mitsuya Cider 500ml 1 set (6 bottles); Calorie: 210kcal/bottle; Nutrition (Per 100ml) Energy: 42kcal, Protein: 0g, Lipid: 0g, Carbohydrate: 11g, Salt equivalent: 0.02g; Manufacture name: Asahi drink

Ingredients - Sugar (fructose glucose liquid sugar, sugar) / carbonic acid, fragrance, acidulant.

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