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Organic Blue Corn Popcorn

Organic Blue Corn Popcorn

Light and crunchy. Rich in fiber and pure as its SNOW-WHITE color. Bluecorn Popcorn, unlike traditional popcorn, is not roasted on oil but only air-popped. Thanks to that it retains its own natural taste and is simply more healthy. In the snow-white bluecorn Popcorn the oil is added in the final stage of production to preserve its taste and nutritional values. We add to our popcorn only EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL COLD PRESSED. In taste the natural sweetness of blue corn and coconut oil is mixed with pure Himalayan salt, rich in minerals.

Ingredients: organic blue corn popcorn (100% GMO FREE), organic extra virgin coconut oil cold pressed (5%), Himalayan salt

The advantages of Popcorn With Himalayan Salt And Coconut Oil:

light and deliciously crunchy

natural taste and nutritional values thanks air-popping (not roasted in oil)

slightly sweet from nature with addition of pure Himalayan salt

an exotic, natural aroma thanks to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed


made from GMO-free blue corn

without chemicals or preservatives

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