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Merck Bion 3

Merck Bion 3

Bion 3 Adults is a multivitamin complex intended for people who want to regain their shape and reinforce the natural defenses of their body, especially in the event of fatigue, stress or overwork, but also in case of sensitive noses, throats and exposed: cold, confinement, pollution , air conditioner…

Thanks to its formula rich in probiotics, Bion 3 Adults has the ability to:

  • Modulate the intestinal microflora , thus reinforcing its barrier effect
  • Modulate other microflora of the body : vaginal, oral
  • Modulate the response to certain allergens
  • Stimulate the defense system of the body (the immune system). Thus, certain probiotics make it possible to restore situations of imbalance that are detrimental to health, to prevent their occurrence or repetition.
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