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Teamonk - Turmeric Green Tea

Teamonk - Turmeric Green Tea

Delicate, pungent yet earthy sweet– this green tea is advocated by the extremely healthy and rich in antioxidants ingredient, turmeric. The soft, fresh and vegetal tones of green tea blend beautifully with the golden-hued Indian spice making it a very healthy beverage, along with the finest taste.
BENEFITS: This Glow and Immunity tea cleanses your system from inside, as well as increases your immunity with its high antioxidant content.
100% PURE TEAS: No artificial oils, no added aromas, no added flavours, no essences, just pure and natural teas. Our teas are pure teas with only natural ingredients added to them.
SENSORY EXPERIENCE: The pale light green tea is smooth and glistening that inspires you towards a journey to wellness with its all natual ingredients.
Why TEAMONK: Our Teas are 100% Pure and Natural, and are Curated Exclusively by Tea Connoisseurs Having More than 4 Decades of Tea Experience

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