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Ricola is one of the many trustworthy Swiss brands. All Ricola products, including special Ricola tea, contain 13 Swiss mountain herbs. This magic mixture gives to every product authentic flavor and many good characteristics.

The high quality of Ricola herbs depends on the growing area, cultivation method, and production technology.

These, the main active and proven ingredients are tended by conscientious Swiss farmers. Even while they are still growing in the fields, the herbs must show that they are worth processing, so Ricola experts check the quality of the plants multiple times.

But except this, Ricola company pays particular attention to the quality and natural condition of any other primary ingredient. Accordingly, it uses no artificial colorings or flavorings. First and foremost, the characteristic of its reasoning is a holistic focus on quality which must be with love of nature.


With the combination of 13 herbs, Ricola tea has many health benefits. Some of them are:

 –the activating immune system

–protecting the respiratory tract


-relieving irritation

 -it helps against laryngitis, asthma, coughs, sore throat

-helps premenstrual tension

-prevents diarrhea,it is a safe treatment against bacterial infectious

-it has a good effect on the mouth and throat

-inspiring effects for the mental faculties

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