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Poland Natural Nfc Apple Juice

Poland Natural Nfc Apple Juice

Organic Apple Juice 100%. Not from concentrate (NFC), pasteurized at low temperature. Only from Polish organic apples.

Apple strengthens immunity and regulates blood sugar level. These fruits are recommended for smokers as they cleanse the body of toxins. They also make your skin look better thanks to the procyanidins content which have greater antioxidant capacity than vitamin C or E. It is vitamin C that is key in the production of collagen which has a positive effect on our skin. Apples also prevent colon cancer and regulate intestinal peristalsis, as well as protect against atherosclerosis and heart attack.

We are exposed to infections every day, especially in autumn and winter. Our juices are a recipe for health. Bio Poland juices are 100% organic and contain only natural ingredients. No sugar, no preservatives added. We offer only the best you can give your body. Discover better taste today!

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