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Organic Bluecorn Pyramid Crisps

Organic Bluecorn Pyramid Crisps

Bluecorn's PYRAMIDS are 100% natural healthy crisps made of puffed grains. For this method, without adding any oil, you can benefit from the advantages of the whole grains. Blue Corn pyramids are made of only the best grains and little amount of Himalayan salt to create unique, full of natural taste, healthy snacks.

Advantages - 

100% natural;

Exquisite taste;

Simple composition (only blue maize, brown rice and Himalayan salt)

GMO free;

Rich source of antioxidants;

Studies carried out at the Biological University in Poznan shows that the grain of blue maize (from which the pyramids were made) contains 3792mg/kg antioxidants.

Gluten free;

Source of energy

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