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Habanero Tortilla Wraps

Habanero Tortilla Wraps

  • TRADITIONAL MEXICAN STYLE- These wraps are traditional MEXICAN Style Tortilla Wraps and are extremely convenient for on-the-go consumption or healthy cooking at home.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Made from the finest flour, our tortilla wraps are the perfect base for rolls, wraps, burritos, samosas, and anything that you want to wrap with love!
  • HOW TO USE - Fill them up with sautéed fresh vegetables or chicken nuggets or grilled meats and seafood to whip up a tasty meal. Add McCain french fries to your fillings and turn them into delicious Shawarmas. Make Mexican-style pizza by using the Habanero tortilla wrap as a pizza base.
  • BE DESI- Use it as samosa sheets, and fill them up with Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Onion, Spices, Green chili. Make a samosa roll and garnish with mozzarella cheese or Amul butter. READY TO EAT- Heat the wraps for 60 secs and it's ready to serve. Make Your Own Favourite Fillings With Habanero flaming hot Peri Peri and Hot Sauce. Add some Jolo chips if you like it extra hot!
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