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Ryla - Juice Shot Superfood Powder

Ryla - Juice Shot Superfood Powder

Juice Packed with Vitamin C - Each packet has 500mg of Vitamin C and over 1,000mg of dried Organic Ginger, this powerful antioxidant dried juice shot supports your immune system and digestion.

Great Taste & Convenient - Lemon, spicy ginger powder, and cayenne pepper help clear your sinuses and bring a warmth to your throat. This shot is tart and spicy, with heat to follow! All packed into a convenient sachet for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Organic Ingredients - Ryla shots are made with real organic superfoods with incredible active compounds, like gingerol and curcumin. We use full spectrum Ginger and Turmeric to ensure that the nutrients aren't compromised by drying.

Immune Support - Lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper offer plant-based immune support, help aid digestion, and supports overall wellness. Revitalize your body and mind with ingredients that are simple, clean, and real.

Dissolves in Water - Add the powder to 4 oz to 12 oz of water, depending if you want a shot or a flavored vitamin drink. Not sure? Try a standard 8 oz glass. Give the glass a good stir before drinking. Our superfood shots are healthy and delicious!

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