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The elderflower is a branchy shrub or small tree, 1 to 15 metres high. It grows in sunny or semi-shady spots, in gardens, along paths and besides running water. The stem and the sap-filled branches are covered by a greenish-pale bark, the feathered leaves are a strong, vibrant summer green.

The delicate white flowers blossom in June and exude a spicy, slightly bitter fragrance.

The elderflower, an all-rounder, is classed as a native plant and may therefore be harvested on an especially sustainable basis. Elderflower is a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics on account of these qualities and numerous others besides.

Elderflower extract contains essential oils, vitamin C and mineral salts that have a soothing, strengthening effect on skin and hair. The antioxidants protect against free radicals, prevent premature skin ageing and protect the body against cell damage.

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