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Role of Frontline workers during the pandemic

The strength to the nation, the care to the nation, a commitment to protect the country in whatever phase, holding hands and joining the courage of themselves so that they can stand as front-liners for the safety of the citizens.

It’s more than a year now where the novel corona virus (COVID-19) is still a big threat to the country. This virus has drowned many countries within itself and has only left out some disheartening pieces. This pandemic has brought up many families, careers, jobs and people on an edge of safety, and this edge was only protected by the countries Frontline Workers who had worked all day and night to bring peace, security, protection and positivity in the country.

Where the whole world was suffering form Novel Corona Virus, these Frontline workers or the Guardians of the nation came forward and joined their hands together to make sure that every citizen of the country should get protection and health services.

These workers were not many, not even as equal to the population but still they worked hard, helped the citizens to get best services whether it is was a need of hospital or for any local services. These frontlines were seen everywhere during the pandemic either it was standing on the roads in the dark and light so as to guide the people to stay in not out or in the hospitals as doctors and nurses and other faculty staffs that helped the people to get the best healthcare services.

Their role as Frontline Workers will always be remembered as “Corona Warriors”, they effortlessly served the nation throughout the pandemic in various ways. There might be a huge list of these warriors but a few of them are: Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance Drivers, Medical Cleaners, Paramedics, Pathologists, Health-care Administrators, police inspectors and many more who worked day and night without bearing a single thought about their own families. They stood out for long hours without thinking a second thought for their own family members, some were out there on roads holding the barricades, some were taking the affected people in the ambulance to the hospitals, some worked all night till morning and gave them best health services as much as they can.

Doctors and Nurses were working in all day shifts at a time, away from their families and friends, in a gown of an angel, served their best services to the patients and tried to save them.

Many warriors were seen trying to implicate positive thoughts through this hard time also: they were seen singing, dancing in the hospital wards trying to engage and entertain the patients. A few of them were educating people on roads in the shape of Corona masks and holding banners, loudspeakers whatever they could do to educate and make the people understand that it is risk out there and people should stay inside. Many police officers and guards helped out the aged people who were living alone and needed help for their medicines and other home utilities.

Serving for nation cost up many warriors lives and there were many families to which they belong were knock down. But still their courage, support and determination for their nation was not suffered. They performed their duties and raise their responsibilities for their countrymen.

In a study by IMA (Indian Medical Association) they said that India has lost a figure of around 515 doctors who were treating the Covid 19 Patients. They are the martyrs of this country and will always be remembered in future. Similarly, there are many other frontline workers who played their role in this pandemic but lost their lives in serving for the nation and for their countrymen.

The role of frontliners have not finished yet, it is still going on and the people should be proud and should encourage their courage forever.


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