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Correct duration for exercising and it's disadvantages

Correct Duration for Exercise and its Disadvantages When it comes to exercise, the best time of day to squeeze in a workout is one that you can do on a regular basis. Everyone is unique. The “right” timing is determined by factors such as your lifestyle, and physical condition. Working out first thing in the morning is preferable because it is easier to commit to and complete before the day's commitments get in the way. Morning workouts have some advantages. Let's look at the benefits of working out in the morning. You're less likely to be distracted during a morning workout. In summer, working out in the morning is more comfortable. Avoid daytime exercise in summer its already hot. Morning exercise also lead to better mental health and productivity throughout the day. After walking for 45 minutes in the morning, it showed an increase in physical activity over the next 24 hours. Many people are exhausted in the evenings after work or school. Finding motivation and time to exercise might be challenging. Working exercise late at night might boost your energy levels, making it difficult to fall asleep. On the other hand, overdoing exercise, might be harmful to your mental health. People who exercised for more than 90 minutes at a time had worse mental health day per month on average than those who exercised for 45 minutes. Afternoon and evening workouts might interfere with daily responsibilities,. If that sounds like you, try shifting your daily routine to fit in a short morning workout.



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