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Benefits of Happiness

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Proven Health Benefits of Happiness:

As we all know that happiness is a kind of a blessing to our health, even Research has shown multiple benefits of Health when we are happy. The top six proven health benefits among are: 1. IMPROVES CARDIAC HEALTH After accounting for known heart disease risk factors, researchers have found that the happiest people were 22% less likely to develop heart disease. Happiness alone can lower such a major problem itself by a great number. 2. ABILITY TO COMBAT STRESS MORE EFFECTIVELY Stress, the most common emotional baggage in today's era, causes the release of high levels of stress hormone- cortisol which can lead to a number of health problems. Studies found that happier individuals have relatively lower cortisol levels in blood. 3. STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM Research indicates that being happy can support a better immune system, good health and ability to fight infections or diseases more effectively. A positive attitude can improve your immune system and help you live longer. 4. OVERALL HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Happiness has been linked to several positive and highly beneficial health habits that promote a greater sense of well-being, including eating a healthy diet, engaging in more physical activity, and overcoming poor sleeping habits.

5. HELP REDUCE PAIN Researchers believe that individuals who are happier have a better perspective and are able to acquire new thoughts relatively faster which can lead to a lower experience of pain be it physical, mental or emotional; especially connected to chronic conditions such as arthritis.

6. INCREASES LIFE LONGEVITY One of the most interesting findings for health benefits of happiness is its connection with life longevity. It is believed that because of the impact happiness has on all of the above health benefits, it can ultimately help you live a longer, happier and healthier life. The connection between happiness and health benefits is new and still to be discovered but it certainly seems to be the most easy, positive and best way to have a healthy and wonderful life.

Benefits of Happiness at Work: Many people believed that their success is measured by the amount of money they make or people they associate with whereas true success is measured by how happy they actually are. Also many people confuse success with happiness and many of them aim for professional goals seeking titles or money only to achieve them but often end up realizing that it is not that happiness they are seeking for. Till recently though there was no as such connection between work and happiness but research being made in the field shows range of benefits of being happy employees for individual as well as organization. Some of the benefits of happiness at work include:

1. BETTER DECISION MAKING AND CREATIVE THINKING Happiness at work benefits how our brains work and think. Happiness keeps negativity and stress at bay allowing room for positive thinking and better ways to get on with challenges. 2. IMPROVE INDIVIDUAL AS WELL AS TEAM PRODUCTIVITY In a survey made, it is found that with respect to unhappier employees, happier ones tends to be 12% more productive. Also promoting better working environment.

3. BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION Happier employees are found to be more engaging and dedicated, improving customer relationships and a relative increase in sales by ~20%. When we feel happy we are more likely to spread positivity and help others around us. 4. HELPS EARN MORE Satisfaction is somehow linked with higher salaries, however it can be inconsistent and gender varied but either it can be high raise or less financial stresses which is ultimately linked to feeling Happy. 5. THINGS YOU CAN DO TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE ADVANTAGES IN YOUR LIFE Attempting to be happier in life may appear to be a daunting endeavor, but it does not have to be. A few basic daily routines have been shown to assist you in realizing and reaping the benefits of happiness:

(a) Develop a sense of gratitude When things go wrong or you become lost in the cycle of thinking, "Why has this happened to me?" when you're having a poor day, it's tempting to complain, but practicing thankfulness can help you overcome this and boost your feelings of contentment. Before going to bed, even writing down three things for which you are grateful will do wonders for your mood (Emmons & McCullough, 2003). (b) Include some movement in your design Exercising releases endorphins, which have a positive effect on our mood. Including some aerobic exercise in your routine has been shown to improve emotions of happiness (Netz et al., 2005). This does not have to involve going to the gym; it might simply just turning on your favorite music and dancing in your living room. (c) Reconnect with Mother Nature You'll be onto something good if you combine your cardio activity with nature. Spending time in nature has been shown to improve our moods (Barton & Pretty, 2010). A decent stroll or run in a nearby park or woods, as well as some gardening, can provide many benefits. (d) Develop a mindfulness practice Mindfulness can help you become more aware of your daily sentiments and let go of bad events, allowing you to appreciate pleasant events and emotions more fully (Campos et al, 2016). (e) Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends Socializing with friends and loved ones has a variety of health benefits, including emotions of well-being and enjoyment (Troyer, 2016). Making time for coffee with friends or spending quality time with family is a terrific approach to reap the advantages of happiness.


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