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How to keep yourself engaged in some kind of work?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Rightly said by someone,"If you are covid free,and have all your loved ones with you,count your blessings."

With the second destructive way of Covid-19 hitting India.

Let us build our immunity by organizing our life in a better manner by utilising all the time that we are getting for ourselves .

  • Fix your broken door knobs, leaking pipelines, etc. Just Fix!

  • Make audiobooks of all your loved ones by interviewing them.

  • Organize all your tupperwares, match their lids, revamp your kitchen.. brewing time and then make your coffee,

  • Jot down names of all the museums, sporting events and concerts you want to visit when they finally reopen.

  • Watch critic acclaimed movies.

  • Pamper yourself with a 10-step beauty regime which otherwise won’t have a chance to do.

  • Learn a new foreign language using Duolingo.


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