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9 Benefits of Taking a Break

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

“Take a Break for your Sake”

We are all busy handling the pressures and responsibilities of life, family, studies, and career that we often forget to put aside some time for ourselves. The pandemic has further increased our problems. People are stuck together at home 24/7 making the need for a few minutes of personal time seems like a luxury for many folks.

Importance of taking time for yourself

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with everything happening in our lives that we feel stressed and drained. The drive to achieve our goals and the continuous race for it; the race to match other people can exhaust a person both physically and mentally. At that point, it becomes necessary to take some time off from all the things to maintain your sanity.

Taking some time for yourself is a necessity for many people, whereas for some people it may seem like a foreign concept. Unfortunately, many people ignore the significance of taking a break in life, as they see it as a distraction or a waste of time. They think they will get the label of lazy, so they neglect the desperate calls of their minds and bodies, trying to tell them it is enough.

Breaks are essential for the general well-being of a person. In this post, I will give nine reasons how taking a break in life is beneficial for you.

Benefits of taking a break

  1. Prevents burnout - Most people overwork themselves. By taking time to relax, you are reducing the possibility of burnout and exhaustion from all the stressors of life.

  2. Refreshes the Mind - Having some time alone for yourself can help to clarify your mind. Think about all the thoughts, doubts, and confusion that have been troubling you. Find the cause and solution to it.

  3. Give time to discover yourself - Self-awareness is the path to happiness. Positive solitude gives you a chance to discover the real you. It provides more time to reflect on your feelings and to clarify your emotions. Use this time to find out what makes you happy or what sort of changes you want in yourself.

  4. Enables you to have quality time - We prioritize so many things, but we often neglect the most important people in our lives- our family. Spending some quality time with your loved ones can do wonders for your relationship.

  5. Improves mental health - There has been research showing that individuals who are comfortable with their alone time are better at stress management and experience increased happiness. Enjoying some time with no company is linked to better life satisfaction and lower rates of depression.

  6. Sparks creativity - Humans are creative beings. When we let our minds wander freely into the realm of imagination, it sparks new ideas and creates wonders.

  7. Refreshes your mood - It is okay to give time to yourself to recover and heal from the whirlpool of emotions troubling us. Whether it is anger from heartbreak or the pain of losing someone, it is okay to take time to heal.

  8. For Self-care - In the hustle of life, people often forget to take care of themselves. How about using a break to treat yourself? Take a spa, apply a face mask, play video games or go to your favourite restaurant. Do things that make you happy.

  9. Increases Productivity - Many people perform better when they are relaxed and not dealing with some sort of stress. Taking breaks helps you to stay productive and also to increase it.

Some hobbies you can take to freshen up your Mind

Taking time for yourself does not have to be boring. You can spend this time finding inner peace or doing something productive, like making your body fit or simply having fun with it.

Here are some hobbies you can try according to your interest:

  • Meditation - To calm your mind. Art of Living Foundation provides courses on Meditation.

  • Yoga - There are tons of Baba Ramdev Yoga videos on YouTube.

  • Exercise - To get that flat tummy!

  • Painting - Try it. It does not matter if you are bad at it.

  • Cooking - Eat delicious homemade meals!

  • Dancing - Fun alternative to exercises

  • Reading books, novels, manga, comics, webtoons

  • Writing a journal, or blog

  • Gardening - Get in touch with Mother nature

  • Experiment - Trying new things like different hairstyles, makeup, fashion looks


With the pandemic, it becomes even more essential to steal some alone time out of our daily life. So, stop hesitating and take that well-deserved break from all the stresses of life.

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