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Alpine Herb Tea

Alpine Herb Tea

A wonderful organic tea with alpine herbs, which are lovingly cared for by mountain farmers in the Swiss Alps by hand, according to Bio Suisse guidelines, and gently processed into the finest tea mixtures in the Bernese Oberland. In Simmental, mountain farmers grow the organic alpine herbs and Swiss alpine herbal teas. Due to the slow growth of the herbs in the alpine climate, the aroma becomes particularly intense. That's what you taste! Enjoy and join us on a journey through the Swiss Alpine region. We guarantee you exquisite tea enjoyment pure.


Free from any chemicals, the tea herbs grow on the sunny mountain slopes of the Simmental, which later form the incomparable aroma of the harmonious tea creations Swiss Alpine Herbs. This tea is therefore bought by the very tea lovers who pay special attention to 100% naturalness, sustainable cultivation and intense aromas. Swiss Alpine Herbs Organic Alpine Herbal Tea is a soothing pleasure for the palate and stomach and pampers your senses.


Follow these simple steps in order to achieve the best tea results:


If possible, use filtered water or, if the water in your household is too hard, mineral water from the bottle.

Leave the tea to draw sufficiently, as indicated on the packaging, for the aromas to fully develop.

Always keep the tea airtight and dry, preferably in a well-sealed tin.


We use the pyramid shapes for our tea bags. In it, the tea leaves can unfold better than in conventional tea bags and naturally develop their aroma wonderfully.

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