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LIPOIRON is an advanced food suuplement contains Liposomal iron, which is a microencapsulation solution that avoids the Iron’s unpleasant metallic taste, does not taint the teeth and is easy on the digestive track.Moreover, due to its unique microencapsulation delivery system inhibits the interaction with other food ingredients.

Maintaining a healthy immune system requires a balanced diet and an adequate intake of specific micronutrients. Iron is fundamental for the healthy development of the immune system.Iron is an essential mineral for both first and secondary immune response. Iron plays an important role in the immune system and iron stores are carefully controlled by the body.Having too little iron degrades non-specific immunity, which is your body’s first line of defense against pathogens. A healthy iron intake helps your immune system to work properly.Therefore this LIPOIRON is a promising food supplement which will boost up the iron levels in our body and contributes for a strong immune system.

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