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Its Lighter Bubbly Mouth Feel & Ultra-Smooth Finish - Seriously,boosts Mood, Clarity, Gut Health & Recovery.It gives No Belly Bloat like typical sparkling waters gives.Hydrogen Gas (H2) delivers lighter bubbles on the pallet. HyVIDA's pH is 5.0 and 25x less acidic (erosive) than other sparkling waters - giving HyVIDA an ultra-smooth finish, no burn & much better for your teeth and gums.Loaded with Antioxidants and Magnesium.Antioxidants neutralise and eliminate free radicals from the bloodstream in a bid to keep your body functioning optimally. In most cases, however, those pesky free radicals outnumber the concentration of naturally occurring antioxidants in your body. To maintain a happy, healthy status quo, then, you need a constant supply of antioxidants from external sources where HyDIA can help you.1 can (12oz) has the same antioxidants as and orange, and the same magnesium as a banana).It contains No Calories, Sweeteners, Sugars or Caffeine.

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